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of the most eminent doctors of this nation, of one, of which

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It thus appears from the experiment that any person can construct as

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injury from this anaesthetic." was teeming with submarine monsters,

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were slow to realize this at first, and a great many are yet unwilling to

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Gniteau anrt the Death Penalty. By Hoeatio R. Bigelow, M. D., Wash-

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Her appetite improved, but she grew weaker, until she

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of spinal anemia in one case, and of spinal congestion, with

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Sig. Dissolve a teaspoonful in one pint of water and inject three

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compromising the dignity and honor of his professional

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If too thick add water; if too thin, more mucilage. Shake well while

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Hyacinth, silicate of zirconia. Also zircon and jargon.

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It was a shrewd move to bring in the idea of ethics^

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from his printed works, from the early influence of his name, from

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Powder, had scarce been so much as heard of in this part of

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These results, of course, are the relief of weakness and debility,

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that mater the strength is gradually in- souls of departed great men, are the

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trophied tonsils and enlarged glands, is taking us a long time to realize that

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ern times. All procedures, therefore, ment to the obstetrician. Kosmak

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p. 296, reports the cure of a case of cough following mea-

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to begin with very small quantities sub- the mixed vaccine including the prod-

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effected. As an ointment it is especially applicable to the treatment

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debility, intestinal catarrh, bronchial catarrh and consumption, and

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principle. Its interior is hung with paper handed alternately blue and

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The sulphate of iron must b^ in clear green crystals, unless the

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method of treatment has been advo- servations of neglect and the results of

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title of '' Manufacturing Pharmacists." We have sought and expected a

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greatly benefited, 7—41 per cent.; not benefited, 7 — 41 per

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nent disability, d. In intracerebral black with bismuth. At nine a. m. the

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