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The heads, hair, and arms of the "body" are covered with i)owdor, so
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Sig. Apply two or three times a day. ( With broken or unbroken
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application of such and such sorts of remedies ; a matter in
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t^JL-CdM^Ja^JA. S^I^Ajy JLJrLm (jida. Fluid extract of the herb. Dose
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excellent baths. A series of holes can be punched round the lower edge
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itself shall have been well-disposed, and of a laudable diathesis:
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Observe tluit the tubes on the tup and the spiijol are quite ioug, in order
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gangrene continued to spread, involving dose, 10 grains for the second dose, and
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determine in detail the proper method of treatment for each of
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League of Nursing Education entitled, Disease Control." Miss Boyle spoke of
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ly every standard author who (Hag-ee) whenever cod liver oil is indi-
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20-23 elected a new State Board of number of years afterward, this, in
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symptoms associating the gas inflation bone, periosteum, and medullary tissues.
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I have closed a number of cases who Invagination of the stump of the ap-
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and Extracts of Malt that, quantitatively, MALTINE contains from txvo
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old tumulus or barrow ; which the nephew was archaeologist
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lower rates of charge than can possibly be afforded in any
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of Assistant Surgeon at the V. M. I. It ion, I rode back to Richmond hearing
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floor, while other anatomists going more sis, Psychopathologic events.
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SHldera them in every way superior to the former, I regard as very e.xeellcnt ajipiiances in the treatment of fractures.
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j tive. It is a prophylactic of acidosis and the edema, and in relieving the irri-
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realization that something must be done ua ble agent.
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confirmed at autopsy) that the intra- child, "merely retarded," and "it will
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from Bay City, Mich., was a bed-ridden invalid for a year,
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appeared and has been with us ever the health of country boys and city boys
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bors, to the State, until the law, framed by his peers, steps
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half-round holes, to allow the lady to place her hands through, to show
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or situated within the supra-clavicular and infra-clavicular
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the medicine hath been administered, not by unskilful persons,
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ber of remedies by the advice of good consulting physicians
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question at the bottom of the whole matter is, who shall
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sliould make an angle of about 30 deg., or a little greater, with the hori-
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other substance and was eaten rather better, on the whole, than corn-
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either the expulsion of the morbific matter will be hindered, or
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small pipe in the bottom of the chest to carry off the water from the