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exceeded 000. The present class numl^ered 509 students.

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translation must have been made about the time that Dr.

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permit a safe performance of the oper- "The tranquility of the patient, the

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correctness of the diagnosis problematic, turbances incident to its physical vol-

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so-called renal or cardiac asthma cases digestible articles simply prepared,

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symptoms were greatly aggravated and he was glad to get

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the carrying on of several parallel op- tainties that existed, the terrible posi-

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and here are two lobsters in their shell which were immersed on the

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where the lung tissue is involved, in Scrofulous children and in Ansemic women of consumptive ten-

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show the possibility of profits g from The Future of Otolaryngology.

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by Galvanism, Diathermy, and the vac- rest do not cure, they but open the way

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dominal cavity cleansed of any clots of from typhoid fever, not alone because

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seriously aflected thereby; in fact, such undue and improper

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tua non mea patientia est accusanda." The classical author referred to by Beyerlinck

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however much one name may be current for all ; whilst all the

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is my duty herein, I shall, God willing, set down the most use-

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provement in direction of the aphasia. She apparently

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that the fly is the most common means tives is the teaching of graceful exer-

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one hundred. The author employs Squibb's solution of

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our American aristocracy, judging from with questionable transactions, has re-

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findings m relation to the data obtained Perh at n0 time in the histor of

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bladder, dispensing with surgical operations in such cases. »J«»yot»ier novel applica-

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service men were merged, the World splendid fighter, he was supported by

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a little surprised him, how he could possibly have run into such

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siderable degree, so there are other mixtures which will produce a still

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the rooms occupied by the patient prior to removal. We

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more Hippocratic than chemical was natural. The Sorbonne

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