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the United States, a combination, which we called "BEEF, WINE AND IRON," giving the
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Boil down to half in Ib.iv of clear water. Add Ib.ij of barley-sugar, and make
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liad paid his father thousands of dollars in royalties for his discovery.
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Prok. H. C. BARTLETT, Ph. D., F. C. S., London, England.
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somewhat feminine in appearance and Dr. Stuart McGuire, Richmond, said
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™. • « 1.-.L i o j- auuut-,1. Company, Cincinnati, Ohio (Journal A.
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cal means. Although experience has since demonstrated
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been found that approximately 50 per asthma deserves such study. For in-
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mere lip- worship or taken at second-hand. His references to
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aggravate or lessen criminality. Only omniscience knovv^s
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of the year, they must be referred to one of these divisions,
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genera] discomfort, with distaste for food, which some
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who has been the only man that I hear of, who, when I \vas
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sions, as the leaf takes the ink better after several applications. A good
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be added 4 to 6 parts of finely pround heavj- spar, and one part dextrine
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tom without the admission of air. 3d. Free circulation of air over the
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this point is reached in biology, "medicine" will have the
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Freckles removed in this manner seldom crop up again, in that partic-
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sibility of the services of Captain Francis Sydenham having
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toms appear, and continues until the patient is well, and
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will be seen that our walls are constructed as follows, beginning at the
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tity of fresh meat which is now uscil for soup could lie omi'loyed in
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competent to the cure of this or that disease. I by no means
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card. The lever being pivoted at c it is obvious that hy pressing the
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peeling off in hard, callous flesh in very large pieces, rang-
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agyrta Talbor dignum inventum." Exercitationes Medicinales,
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understood by the general practitioner as well as be of
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cell. Periosteum is connective tissue, better way than by furnishing the best
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Has also been used with success in dissolving and evacuating coagulated blood in the
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used, but oxide of boron; but even if it did- and he should not be sur-
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are also aroused to activity, and the solid constituents of the urine proportionately
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guide to the beauties of Northern Wisconsin and the Lake