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thorship of the original Sydenham, I am not prepared to venture
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will not be so good if the procedure is gpedal lme of gurgery hag been higWy
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Xhe above Obstetric "Ready Reckoner" consists of two columns, one
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any wish to disturb the common notions on the subject.
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" SIR, I must beg your excuse for not seeing Dr. Sydenham,
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until he moved to Asheville he was one are among- the teachers. We are taught
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talking about here in Charlotte, for only leads by the sick bed, the coffin and the
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liquor. It gets spoiled. Now, when Nature has once taken
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place openly at an over-early one. It is unfortunate, how-
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order, dependent only upon the inscrutable constitutions of the
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In the presence of an attack of cys- plenty of water give them plenty of
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move their eyes, answer together a few questions put by the showman,
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Clay, Montgomery, New Hanover, Richmond, eigh, N. C.
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existing, disease of the heart, would appear to specially
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What action will be taken on the subject by the Amer-
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that this subject could be discussed as ducing infection intracranially and with
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advantage of having a higher percen- The question arises — to what extent
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physical science, is, nevertheless, not a man who singly equals
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Every subscriber which they by specious pleas and promises
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quently have done) the matters brought up by the emetic, and
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cult to hold it below MO or 150 deg., while in other cases I liave
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have some idea of the tremendous he founded on the combined clinical and
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before operating, they either died of hem- also due to disease processes, or to effects
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tablished Reputation as being the best Alterative ever introduced to the
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phy of the arm, however, as indicated by its comparative
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fluenza, showing that like "the poor" we did the pathology of cartarrhal pulmonitis
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that, the Elizabethan age not excepted, the generation of
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Dr. Felker, of Amboy, read a paper on Difficult Labor,
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pulse pressures with sufficient accu- anesthetized for extreme relaxation, is
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excrescences, which trees and fruit exhibit in the shape of
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several editions of his works. After this, in the year 1676, the
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in the latest authorities on the subject of skin diseases thej''
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Klim whole milk powder contains 28% this point modifications of whole Klim
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dressings; a rapid and eflective dessicant, having such an afflnity for moisture
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iractures may thus be disclosed and has elapsed to permit a mechanical re-
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contraction, and that the bleeding was continuing. Two
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