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to the antecedent catarrh and the sequent paralysis, the

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Ordinary pastes will not adhere labels to tin. The following is a

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Sandyhook, Conn., the A/'ew England Medical Monthly^ contains an article

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portant fact clinically, and interesting biologically, as show-

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expensive than any of these. The partition can be built of narrower

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And allrbjectsof NATURAL HISTORY are bought, sold and exchanged

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equally unreasonable to consider him as either wholly untaught

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themselves. Why should the doctor worry himself If

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The total amount of Public Health Bureau has a public-health-nurse-direc-

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plegia decompression is of benefit. 5. given and next day the condition of the

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attend to ours, and they would not find themselves so badly

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description of the rise, progress, causes, and symptoms of it,

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that have been obtained in the use of this preparation, and the flattering testimonials we have received

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type of operation in which one expects reaction to certain procedures and the

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Then again, as to the reality of such facts, and as to their

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Dr. Maclagan, of Dundee, Scotland. It is curious and in-

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the North Carolina State Nurses Asso- not to be a member, or to miss its pub-

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like it on the market. We repeat that it is the most

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them, and the same for joints. It did not the like, is the instinct of fear or one of

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works of Dr. Mapletoft. Are these like or unlike the form

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thing to do is decide what is lacking and feet every person entering the country.

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reversion of feeling in favor of showing them the ordinary

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In order to cause the disappearance of smaller objects trick perform-

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No counter-openings have been necessary. Pain has been

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sonorous and very painful. She complained of her throat

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f)f the part and of the upper portion of the cutis also. A Turkish bath

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