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of my patients, but likewise to the daily improvement of the

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preparations, may be honest in the belief that they are reliable,

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this wall a sill should be laid which had best be constructed of 2x10

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VENICE TREACLE, Theriaca Andromachi. Formula of the Pharmacopoeia

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Chili, is very popular in that country, whe;e it is emploved

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of Mixed Infection Phylacogen. the bladder the practitioner must see

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The active nrinciple is analagoiis to Calfein. being found in PauUinia in five times the

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stone walls carry off the heat and moisture too rapidly to make gf)od

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gestion of the posterior columns of spinal cord. In thLs

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called. The sister^ much frightened, immediately called

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The St. Paul meeting of the American Medical Society,

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salt mixed with pounded ice or snow lowers the temperature to a con-

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criticism upon the current notions, I lay before him, as the

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orm a jelly, and then thoroughly mix this amount of jelly with 1 pound

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In Writing Advertisers Mention The Charlotte Medical Journal.

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or Oldenburg, the first two secretaries of the Royal Society.

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Moisten the leaves with a sohition of the opium extract in the cherry-

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Sydenham lived, too, to see the remnants of the chemiatria,

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of cells, to receive the zincs and carbon plates when removed from the cells. The rubber plates,

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STOP THE SPREAD of INFLUENZA germs now prevalent. Create a

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"the test of labor" elective Caesarean of the uterine muscle or of the nerve

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lliese ■ > rrijiltjms it has an e>)jecial indication in Ihe I reatment of «he opium and nlco-

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HOKSES or CATTLE, 2 sizes (ounce and a halt ounce), for liquids or solids. Box lO Capsttles, eithe

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"The insane cry against homoeopaths and homoeopath}'

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