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case the most reliable testimony which can be obtained.

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MALTINE is a concentrated extract of malted Barley. Wheat and Oats. In Us preparation the tempera-

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is not distinguishable from gold even by good judges, except by its in-

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the two great systems might supply it, Sydenham looked

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and that public health nursing in their county medical society) and offers her

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science was then in its cradle, and there and, to some degree, the autonomic and

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Register of Baptisms, the following entries of (apparently) other

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their children. Although the time of eruptions of the teeth differ with

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has been confidently affirmed) had the secret communicated to

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come the skin, mucous membrane and result being practically no marring of

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commonly recognized as fecal bourne, ,. . . ' . , < * BO "" lc UI,dL

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by the building and equipment of a hos- is quite f reqU ent that malaria has been

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members. At the recent session, at- ties to the State. The Louisiana law

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bath is prepared by mixing 2i parts of corrossve sublimate with 100

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the history is less careful than I meant it to be, since I wish

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the signs of perforation. vealed in such appalling proportions

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medical profession prepared to descend into the arena on

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essences or species wholly distinct and different from the parent

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the patient and the length of the his- not employ the method.

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with most sensitive stomaclis without the slightest repugnance, and we are confident, from the results

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olrchfser mi ' peutic active P rinci P le of that S land ' s

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for the purpose of examining applicants of American Mutual Drug Co., manu-

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the limited capacity of the hospitals ; members, including representation of

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Assuming, however, that the MS. is by Sydenham, we are

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— promptly, safely and satisfactorily — without ^itk

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ing double duty for the latter. mended as a standard by the New York

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terson, Ann Arbor, Mich., (Journal A. ovary contained the corpus luteum of

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so insiduous, so sure and so merciless ^ the game dose P a P pplied J healthy

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to the antecedent catarrh and the sequent paralysis, the

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unable to get rid of it at all ; and this may arise either from the

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Ordinary pastes will not adhere labels to tin. The following is a

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are certain, and sure to follow, when you prescribe

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Sandyhook, Conn., the A/'ew England Medical Monthly^ contains an article

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portant fact clinically, and interesting biologically, as show-

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each faculty was most favorable, and if the hospitals were deficient in modern

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of tissue, iucrcascs niusciilar strength and endurance, and removes fatigue and languor,

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expensive than any of these. The partition can be built of narrower

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And allrbjectsof NATURAL HISTORY are bought, sold and exchanged

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equally unreasonable to consider him as either wholly untaught

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themselves. Why should the doctor worry himself If

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fall below 65 degrees F., nor rise above the matter under advisement and re-

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rean trenches asice from the real rein- for I seldom walk half a block without