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fermentation and acidity in beer, and as a preservative of beer in a
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diseases. She was given strychnia as a test, and grew
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there is, of course, every intermediate degree. There are insignifi-
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with the problem of drug addiction. This and exposed to the air ; no special gen-
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manner in nearly all the large stores, and by many individuals in their
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I have now over forty ton, and over 8.V),000 worth of Mineral, mostly crytallized, in stock. It is well recognized thai
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internal resistance. The cells are made in sections of six, composed of one solid piece of hard
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the sting of a bee, or the nettle, from which it has taken
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collected reports of over sixty cases of this eruption in this
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canary wine. Add, of the best olive oil and Venice turpentine, washed to
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minimum required to maintain that condition. Carrying
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muslin to keep the sawdust from si)illing. Tliis box in front of the
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Peruvian bark the type of specific remedies; more so than
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which this universal agreement is based. It should be re-
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still consider the vaccines a most useful When bacteria are responsible every ef-
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er there is much that may be done to stitch is started at the upper angle of the
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Hyacinth, silicate of zirconia. Also zircon and jargon.
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about fifty cents and the sugar simply the cost of ordinary, cheap sugar.
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the secretary of state (Arlington) 1 to the president. That
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tate gland, the general condition of the through the skin deep facia and mus-
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call for this proceedure occur among those who are able to
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It has been remarked that the more acute the case the
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between the recognition of observation and authority, that con-
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ing posts. All the connections are positive and brought near together, thus lessening the
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sophy of Des Cartes, and how much mechanics affected physiology
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,pive a tablespoonf ul daily in feed; as a preventive, give twice a week.
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in the army, the evidence and presumptions are in favour
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Mix, and add one-half its volume of pure coal-tar and boil to a fluid
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PROGRAM Schools— Dr. G. M. Cooper, Raleigh, N. C.
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The so-called chemical school, wholly or partially, consist-
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plete, centrally situated in a lively railr^aad town of 800, in the midst of
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this journal, and have printed everything that they have
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In like manner it is exceedingly easy to propound some
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more sensation (electrical), and more atrophy than the
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<iuently applied this oil to the abdomen under spongio-
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tition and can be deposited in either one of the two compartments by
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expense of machinery, t'orn-fodder may be preserved in a perfectly
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tions of the process. Several articles from them detailing the success
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As often as she calls in the aid of fevers for the isolation of
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grees, was a prominent symptom. Pain mg> but in Hume's own case it had not