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parts of soda and tme-half part of liquid ammonia and spirit of wine.

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the A. E. F. at large was gradually ris- local symptoms referable to the bladder

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renovation or a new texture (once at least in a man's life), and

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of Paris with an equal quantity of flour; put the mixture in the place in-

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suffer from different symptoms. Without caution, therefore,

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or five small meals a day. I expected a speedy improve-

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it is in hyperplastic toxic goiter, where cause much dyspnea, change in voice,

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The American Association of Anaes- a t all. Simply step up and say : "I want

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symptomatically cured. Close observa- years. I applied a number of different

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sufficient for him to know whence the mischief immediately

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sible to open more than one of the two sets of flaps.

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biographies of Sydenham, viz. that he was of a good family.

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It first occurred in a girl of ten years, and the news

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excess of venesection, or of any other evacuation, any long dis-

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interest of their lady customers, we have been at some pains to lay be-

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Within three years from the present time, he will have pub-

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America early this year. A., May 22, 1920). Anthrax bacilli were

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prevent or limit them. In normal deliv- rectal tear. This is continued to the out-

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