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patched are perfectly dry before applying the cement.
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The next annual meeting of the Tri State Medical Association will be held in
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Prof, of the Institutes of Med. and Med. Jkcm., Jeff. Medical Col,; Phy. to Penn. Hot.
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2. Dr. E. M. McCoy, Charlotte, died study of the lungs of 52 tuberculous pa-
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liquor during any calendar year for pro- likely to crumble when being threaded,
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pain, a contraction of the uterus followed, and labor was
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g^f\f^ A (FHY'iHI^OXYLON CnCA.) The evidence in favor of Cora is to rrove
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undertaken by the County P. H. Nurse handicapped by lack of education, the
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not, however, at Oxford, but at Cambridge. His college was
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cular addition of a chapter on the plague. This was the great
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from the Green Roots of Stillingia, Helonias, Saxifraga, Menisper-
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Emeritu* Prof, of Ohsletrics, Atlanta Med. College, Ex-l'res. Med. Association of Georgia.
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This is not the case. As stated in the 5/16 by 18, the medium size as 10 by 24,
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I would give a sample of those improvements which I have
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and also by calling attention to the ac- are pleased that we are assured of her
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graphy of Sydenham's works is taken from Dr. Greenhill.
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that desensitization may often be In order to be absolutely sure about
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Prof. Chemistry and Pharmacy to the Pharmaceutical Society
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our physicians here had ever seen a case except myself. I
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proves beyond question that MALTINE, as a Constructive, is by far the most
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"The first degree is never fatal but "Where nitrous oxid-oxygen was
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line, with all their delicate tracery: "Tlie inetliod is of actual usefulness
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Kast, a member of the Endowment summarizes his views as follows:
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them helpful and interesting. tein, carbohydrate, salts and water for
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full-time or what not, were to begin op- children to treat." Consequently, when
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charming. In this method several of the ancients have followed
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the musculature of the colon. In that m S power to enable the baby to pass
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Syphilis in Three Children. the relative size of the true pelvis, the
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HOW TO GET THE MAXIMUM EF- Materia Medica there can be found no
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of Observationes Medicse. Here we find a modification of the
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only one train of clockwork is used. On the same axle as H is fixed a
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language of our beloved Florence Nigh- Miss Jane Vande Vrede, Director
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by water-bath until melted. Next add the glycerine and heat together
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little acquaintance with crotchet-mongers and homoeopaths
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