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2. Individual or group instruction of where there are not health officers, the
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iodine stain has disappeared. Repeat the entire process thrice daily,
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Respecting the first of these points, I have been unable to
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and dedicated to the Honorable Robert Boyle. And the same
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silo walls. If one wishes to try ijreserving corn-fodder and cannot
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Co., Boston, $1.65. servations of the author and others.
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defined as an acute, self-limited air born outside of the lung cells, rapidly filling
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observations, I am convinced of; viz. that diseases of the cha-
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Author of " Text Book of Chemical Analysris,^^ etc.
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drawer, as it must move in and out, and should have a strong strip to
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recognised as a substance, and as a distinct species in nature.
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cover every branch of the service and at our Golgothas, help us to bear our
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last, therefore, is a bad vehicle when cutaneous absorption
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give it in his own words, capitals and all, — "How many M.
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druggist to learn how to spell correctly in his own lan-
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few days. ■ j can Social Hygiene Association to be
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front should have either dark blue, maroon, or green baize curtains, so
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Baker's treatise on the Cinchona Bark. At present it is suffi-
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tevi hominibus, ex antiquissiinorum scriptoruni monumentis,
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Latin of the original into equivalent English may, to some,
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chairs and had two bricks on which to ed "Adjunct Professor in the Medical
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then besieged by the king's troops ; who took sixty horse, and
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tion becomes generalized are not well un- any untoward febrile or cachetic symp-
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they are physicians they are, therefore, better judges of a
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A iV on-Poisonous, Unirritating Antiseptic Solution
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mer babies were to be visited in their f the busy season, in less than two
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with rapid pulse and low pressure were not that the surgical staff did not per-
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is produced. All the wliitti or liglit-colored surfaces being strongly
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fourteen times as much Disastase and other Albuminoids as any of the Extracts
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^n answering advertisements mention the Peoria Medical, Monthly.
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Reported in -'La Presse Medicale," February to nitrous acid. In this case the dose
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where you would go. The horrible suf- could be developed in our midst within
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favor of having a silo a cutter should be selected and ordered, and it
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