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THIS PEPSIN now so popular with the profession, has created an impetus in the

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ation regarding vital things on Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. R. E. Hughes,

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Fyocarditis ensues in practically proaches or passes the 40 year mark,

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The essential feature is that it shall be Great Gardener of Life does not find the

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fit the neck of the womb, with openings for the secretions to pass out, as shown by the cuts.

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writing." " When Sir R. Talbor first began to use the cortex

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earth until the surface is three or four inches above the outside level, so

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which threatens to annihilate the old professional distinc-

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of the Committee, on Saturday, is now TO THE journal family-ask him to

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The heads, hair, and arms of the "body" are covered with i)owdor, so

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of men, among whom are Gray of Rich- very poor surgical risks. Stuart Mc-

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I discovered that the voice came from a tin trumpet, which was held in

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Shoivs the thick packing, ivhich is noticed at the opening. This extends

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age of certain persons, do these things which they condemn

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Tlie Adaptable Felt Splints, formerly known as those of Dr. Ahl, with the impravement now made by W. H. Johnstone, whidi

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tions could be mentioned if not in want of space. It is found to be foki\ times

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information of a practical therapeutic character could be

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These spells were not epilepsy, for there was no uncon-

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sequences would be fatal. In justice to the Illinois State

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nitrite of amyl with good effect; but the second time this,

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The next day the general condition of the patient was-

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speaks of the book as being Practici Londinensis celeberrimi.

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