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temper and disposition to be careless of both the sayings and

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tremity, and the muscles were well developed, the circular

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he was persuaded to send for a physician. On being asked

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Alfred S. Taylor and Samuel W. Boor- a young man with severe and persistent

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Urinalysis During Pregnancy— It is are usually as definitely delimited from

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with an increase in the area of cardiac skin, which is beginning to thin, pre-

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"SiR, It had becomed me to have begged your acceptance,

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a, That certain diseases have changed character ; or,

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niche in the Harveian temple of Fame being between Glisson,

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tinued fever, (3) intermittent fevers, and (4) smallpox : and it

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when the abdomen was opened, there cologic specialist must be prepared at

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root and gin, which she stated would generally relieve her

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to cuiTy favor with the general public by assurances that

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necked dress btxiice with short shoulder sleeves. The remaining por-

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a mile to a frozen pond, where she skated for several hours,

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sity for such remedial treatment and be- Therefore, we urge upon the people the

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graphical portion of the present memoir, where we find an

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pages after this comes the concluding sentence of the whole

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ing the Dissections of tlie Human Body. By George Viner, Pro-

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