Company Profile - About Us

VIDEX DOOEL Skopje is a company that exists from year 1990 with wide range of activities known to the Macedonian market and beyond.

Our company is engaged in import-export and distribution of food and other goods and our sector for trading and promotional services, which has signed agreements with all fixed and mobile telephony operators in the country and abroad, in our market and outside of it, exists as Service Content Provider with Premium SMS and Voice numbers, or numbers with special commercial tariff price.

With the expansion since year 2000 in several areas of services development and provision of business solutions for efficient mobile marketing, direct customer communication VIDEX DOOEL has started with a group of people with long experience in the telecommunications field and with that today it represents one of the leading Service Content Providers in the region.

The mission of VIDEX is to provide marketing for the existing channels and communication tracks. This is accomplished through careful planning and development of a mobile service unique to your needs.

Our goal is development of the leading services which with continued improvement become more flexible, reliable and with low cost. In addition, the other goal is continued support and development of the services, continued commitment to customer satisfaction, so we will keep our position as major player on the market in the region.

Our strategy is fully in line with our goals, through witch with continued improvement of the services we offer also guaranties and competitive volume related to the prices.

 In short, this is our main approach with which we believe we have achieved long-term collaborations that improve customers experience, but also the communication between our clients and their customers.